Friday, October 14, 2005

What a week !

Did you ever have an energy boost like this ?

Last Saturday I dated a girl I had only seen twice before. I ended up spending the night at her place which was never my intention. Well, maybe not that soon anyway. But it all happened so naturally, spontaneously that it would've been a criminal offence to object to this sudden boost of connectivity and energy. Other occupations earlier that day included briefing a radio presenter who was about to interview Tom Barman on Tuesday. She used all my proposed questions which in fact turns me into a part-time journalist.

On Tuesday, the same radio presenter and I went to the first Belgian dEUS "Pocket Revolution"-concert. Unfortunately, her being less Rock 'n Roll than me made her want to move to the safety of the balcony. I stayed among the crowd and about half an hour later, Wallonia's prime minister Marie Arena was standing next to me and we had eye-contact several times. I didn't recognize her due to the lack of light, being taken by the emotions of the concert and the improbability of a prime minister standing next to me at a dEUS-concert. So I just saw her like the very beautiful woman she is and only thought that she looked a bit like Marie Arena. After the concert, a friend who I had offered a ticket for the concert turned to me and said : "Do you realize who was standing next to you ?" It was only then that I realized that I should've talked to her. But I'm not a concert talker. I'm a concert music enjoyer.

So the next day I emailed her to tell her what an honor it had been to witness dEUS in her presence and that I thought it was really cool that a person like her can just go there and disappear into the crowd. She remembered me too, and from her reply it was clear to see that I had touched her woman's heart with my mail.

So Marie, you got a new fan !

I can't think of a better example to illustrate the fact that music unites people no matter what profession, culture or social difference.

On Thursday I went to see dEUS. Again !
This time I was more upfront and I had invited the girlfriend from the Saturday (& Sunday & Monday) before. She's not the music addict nor concert goer that I am so I was very pleased that she had a marvelous time. Maybe me tapping and caressing her beautiful body in time with the beats and the melody lines of dEUS' wonderful music has something to do with it too. When I text-messaged the before mentioned Marie Arena spotter from two days before I got a reply that the Studio Brussel Radio was broadcasting the show live nationwide ! A bit later I told my girlfriend so. And that if she would scream loud then it might pass on-air live. Which she promptly did, being the little sexy daredevil she is.
Today I was happy to announce to her that her scream had indeed been captured for eternity because it is clearly audible in the Stubru audio stream @ 41'21" to be precise, during the intro of the song "Serpentine".

At the closing of this week I feel very tired and yet so full of energy. Definitely the best week I've had this year.

So glory to Marie Arena. Glory to Anja (may you never have problems starting your brand-new sportscar again), Glory To Michael and Danny. To dEUS (Tom, Klaas, Mauro (U Rgeniuss !) Stéphane and Alan.)
Glory to my neighbour Domien. I will check out your music asap.

Thanks to all these people for making this week more than precious.

But most of all : Glory to Amorocaine (the nickname I invented). Those nights of endless talking, almost painful proximity and tender kisses. Although I am very tired due to the lack of sleep I wouldn't have dared to miss one minute of it and I'm very curious to find out what the future has in store for us.

Quote of the week : "L'amour n'est pas possible sans humidité"


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